34th Texas Dismounted Cavalry

2nd Texas Partisan Rangers

The first step to getting started in reenacting with the 34th is to contact one of the group officers or the civilian coordinator at an event, by phone or by e-mail.  Please do not make any uniform or weapons purchases until you have done this.  This will insure that you have the right equipment and will save you a lot of money in the long run.


We primarily portray a CSA group so your first acquisition should be the correct uniform consisting of a jacket, pants (no demin!), suspenders, a period correct shirt, footwear and a hat.  The unit does have some loaner clothing so don't let the lack of something keep you from coming to an event.  Let the group know and we can generally fill in gaps on a temporary basis.  We are called to "galvanize" on occasion, which means we fight as a Union group so you will eventually need "blues" for this.  Also, please avoid anything that is blatantly "western wear".


Preferred long arms:  2 or 3 banded Enfield, JP Murray carbine or a Sharps carbine.

Preferred side arms (after long arm acquisition):  Colt .44 Navy/Army model, Remington .44 Navy/Army model, LeMat reolver, Patterson revolver, 1848 Dragoon pistol, 1847 Walker pistol.


This is necessary if you plan on camping with the group at an event.  You do have the option of staying offsite as a member of the "motel militia" if you prefer.

Period correct canvas tent, either A-frame or wall.

Period correct accoutrements for your campsite which can be acquired on an "as needed" basis, such as cast iron cookware, plates, chairs, shade fly, quilts, lamps, etc.  Please research any purchases carefully, as we strive to keep our camp as close to correct as possible.

For the ladies

Your first acquisition should be a basic cotton wash dress with appropriate underpinnings.   A hoop is not necessary to get started and definitely avoid anything that looks like it was inspired by "Gone With the Wind"!  Your dress should be a matching skirt with attached bodice and made from fabric that is as close to period correct as possible.  The unit has many resources for research on styles, fabrics, etc and we are happy to share anything we discover that will help.  Cotton and wool are your best friends as polyester did not exist at the time (or zippers, snaps or velcro) and can be a hazard around a campfire.