2nd Texas Partisan Rangers

34th Texas Dismounted Cavalry


Col. Almarine Alexander raised the 2nd Partisan Rangers, Texas State Troops at Sherman, TX in the winter of 1861-1862 with recruits from Parker County to the west and Lamar County to the east.  In the spring of 1862, Alexander's 2nd Partisan Rangers moved north to Fort Washita, Indian Territory and joined Col. Douglas Cooper and his Indian regiments, where the 2nd Texas Partisan Rangers was accepted into Confederate service as the 34th Texas Cavalry Regiment. 

Col. Douglas Cooper's Brigade then moved northeast into southern Missouri where the brigade joined Col. John T. Coffee's 6th Missouri Cavalry, Steven's 22nd Texas Cavalry and Hawpe's 31st Texas Cavalry at Camp Coffee, six miles south of Newtonia,  Missouri.  In late September, 1862, Union forces advanced on Newtonia, were met by vicious Confederate fire and fled back to the north in disarray.  After the battle of Newtonia, the 22nd and 34th Texas cavalry were dismounted due to their unsuitable cavalry mounts.  The 34th Texas Dismounted Cavalry marched south into Arkansas and joined Col. Thomas Coke Bass' 20th Texas cavalry.  On December 7, 1862, the 20th and 34th Texas Cavalry fought at Prairie Grove, Arkansas and stopped the Union advance before they had to retire from the field after their ammunition was exhausted.  In January, 1863, the 34th Texas Dismounted Cavalry joined the 15th Texas Infantry and marched through deep snow to Texas, leaving the 20th Texas Cavalry in Indian Territory.

In the spring of 1863, the 15th Texas Infantry and the 34th Texas Dis. Cavalry were moved mack to Louisiana where the 34th Texas was retrained as infantry.  In the summer of 1863, the regiments engaged the Union forces at Stirling's Plantation and Bayou Bourbeau.  In the fall of 1863, the 34th joined Brig. Gen. Camille de Polignac's brigade and skirmished at Vidalia and Harrisonburg, Louisiana.  In early 1864, Polignac's Brigade fought at Pleasant Hill, Mansfield and Yellow Bayou.


April-May 1862 - Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi District, Department #2

May-September 1862 - Department of the Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi Department

September-December 1862 - Cooper's Brigade, 1st Corps., Trans-Mississipi Department

December1862-January 1863 - Bradfute's Brigade, Roane's Division, 1st Corps., Trans-Mississippi Department

January-June 1863 - Department of the Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi Department

June-September 1863 - Speight's Brigade, District of Western Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department

November 1863 - Polignac's Brigade, District of Western Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department

November 1863-September 1864 - Polignac's Brigade, Nouton's-Polignac's Division, District of Western Louisiana, Trans-Miss. Department

September 1864-May 1865 - 4th Texas Brigade, Polignac's Division, 1st Corps., Trans-Mississippi Department


December 7, 1862 - Prairie Grove, AR

September 30, 1862 - Newtonia, MO

September 30, 1863 - Stirling's Plantation, Pointe Coupee Parish, LA

March-May 1864  - Red River Campaign, Louisiana  (Pleasant Hill, Mansfield, Yellow Bayou)

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